Inspired Pregnancy,
Joyful Birth

by Karen Shlegeris

Want to know why some women have a great birth, and others have a traumatic birth?

In my book you’ll read 35 positive birth stories from women just like you, who share the simple strategies they used during pregnancy to prepare for birth.

They all had joyful, positive births. Find out how you can too. 

Start today to prepare for your own amazing birth experience.



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I’ve spent over a year growing this baby and it’s now ready for you to enjoy.

Having taught birth classes and pregnancy yoga to thousands of women for around 25 years, you can probably imagine the folders full of birth stories I have. Not all births go well, but I have so many truly beautiful stories that I decided I had to put them in a book. When I read through the stories, I realised that although a bit of luck seemed to be involved, most of the women were proactive in their pregnancy preparation and took certain actions which contributed to their positive births. I began listing their strategies and the book grew. Throw in my own story of birthing my babies and becoming a mother, plus some good old words of wisdom, and you have Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth.

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Feeling alone with your pregnancy and birth preparation?
Most women wish their partner was on the same page.
Want your partner to get involved and feel excited about your baby’s birth?
Here’s your solution…. My FREE Online Course

Your FREE Pregnancy Action Plan

Short of time? Want to include your partner? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth? To complement the book I’ve created a short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.In around an hour you will have a complete understanding of all the strategies you can choose to use during your pregnancy to improve your chances of having a fabulous birth. No-one else tells you this essential information!




Would you like to feel this joyful when you give birth?

It is possible. Many women do. Their stories are in my book, including Marie’s who you see here. Your care provider is focussed on your medical health but may not have time to talk to you, or even know about, the many things you can do during pregnancy to help you have a fabulous birth like Marie.

Having followed thousands of women right through pregnancy and birth, I can tell you all the things you can do to make your baby’s birth the best day of your life!

What is a Pregnancy Action Plan?

It’s a program containing all the strategies which contribute to great birth preparation, arranged over 40 weeks of pregnancy.
You’ll find a Pregnancy Action Plan in the book and the online course.

The plan includes factors like these:


…and a whole lot more valuable and essential information which you’re not likely to find all together in the one place, explained in easy-to-understand language.