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Everything you need to enjoy your pregnancy, prepare for a confident and joyful birth, and enter motherhood with your own supportive community.

Meet Karen

I’m Karen Shlegeris, passionate childbirth and parenting educator, doula and yoga teacher, and founder of Birth & Baby Village in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

For over 25 years I’ve been working with women just like you to demystify birth, so I know how common it is for women to feel afraid of giving birth, overwhelmed with information, and anxious about motherhood. I’m here to make it easy for you, so you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth of your precious baby.

My new book is here! It's perfect for anyone who wants to know the secrets to having a good birth. And to read lots of positive birth stories too.

Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth

Demystifying birth and pregnancy to give you the best experience possible


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Pregnancy Action Plan

Early in pregnancy your baby’s birth can seem a long way away. Did you know you can start right now to prepare for a good birth? Want to bring your partner onto the same page? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth?
To complement my book Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth I’ve created this short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.
Do the course as early in pregnancy as you can and feel the relief of having a clear guide for the months ahead.
In around an hour you will have a complete understanding of all the strategies you can use during your pregnancy to improve your chances of having a fabulous birth. You may not hear this essential information anywhere else.