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to relax and enjoy your journey

You deserve to have the very best experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You’re busy, and there’s so much to learn and prepare for. Would you love having someone you trust to guide you the whole way through? To help you plan your schedule, answer your questions, remind you of the next step?

I’m offering all my knowledge and experience as your guide, your consultant, the specialist who can make it easy for you and encourage you every step of the way.

Each year I offer a small number of Village VIP Packages for couples who want the best. Everything is included. Unlimited yoga, Calmbirth, all the courses plus private sessions with me to fill in all the gaps.

You probably want to try a class first to meet me and check out the Village, so book your class and if you decide to become a VIP I’ll refund your class price.

If you’d like to discuss the packages and help you work out if you’re right for this program, book a time to chat with me and I’ll answer all your questions.  The couples who receive my full and undivided attention absolutely love it, and feel great knowing they invested in their family’s health and wellbeing.

Village VIP


Karen will guide you through a relaxing, informed pregnancy and birth so you can enjoy a fuss-free pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your dreams.

VIP Package Inclusions 

  • Start with an hour Zoom with Karen and your partner to explore your options for birth and make a plan for your fitness, education and wellbeing throughout pregnancy.
  • Your own copy of Having a Great Birth video.
  • Unlimited Pregnancy Yoga classes – the earlier you start, the more you receive!
  • 1 x Calmbirth course for couples.
  • 1 x couples Balance class: Getting your baby into a great position for birth plus Balance video.
  • 1 x Breastfeeding & New Baby Prep workshop for couples.
  • Karen’s guided Pregnancy Relaxation plus printable Affirmations.
  • An end of pregnancy Zoom chat with Karen to ensure your baby’s in a great position for birth, answer final questions and enjoy a guided relaxation to visualise your beautiful birth.
Village VIP

$347* / $397*

Ease into motherhood with six months of postnatal care from home support to mums and bubs yoga and everything in between.

VIP Package Inclusions 

  • Call, email or Zoom as soon as you need after the birth for support/guidance.
  • One 4 week Infant Massage course.
  • Unlimited Mums & Bubs Yoga up to 6 months.
  • Karen’s 10 tips for life with a new baby info sheet answering all your questions.
  • Mums & Bubs Zoom chats every Tuesday 1-2pm.
  • One Mums & Bubs Connect Morning Tea, held monthly.
  • A home visit from Karen to debrief your birth, “close the bones ceremony” or just to help out.
  • Fit Mamas walk and coffee at the river every Wednesday morning.
  • * Pay $347 if you buy BEFORE your baby’s born and $397 if you buy AFTER your baby arrives – still amazing value!
Village VIP


Our most valued membership.  Be spoiled on your journey to motherhood with everything in the pregnancy and postnatal memberships for a whole year of support.

VIP Package Inclusions 

  • Everything in the Glowing Pregnancy package, plus everything in the Thriving Mama Postnatal package. 
  • Karen’s CALM PACK: four guided relations for before birth, plus printable affirmations, plus roller bottle of Keep it Calm Essential Oil blend.
  • Access to extra information sheets and resources.
  • You and your partner will get to know Karen and the Village team and we’ll get to know you.  Continuity of care is the gold standard for care, and that’s what you’ll have: the best.  You deserve it. We’re here for you.


Because your experience of pregnancy, of giving birth, of having a new baby and a secure and happy family life matters.  This is a huge time of transition for you, your partner and family.  It can be stressful and fraught, or it can be calm, positive and the best time of your life!  Birth & Baby Village is a safe, welcoming place where you can be yourself, feel connected and supported by Karen and her team and the people you’ll meet here.  We’re here to guide you.  You don’t have to worry about searching high and low for information or services ; everything is here for you.  You’ll benefit financially from the packages we offer, and also save time, energy and anxiety by regularly attending your classes and sessions.  The Village will feel like your home, where you’re safe and cared for.  That’s our aim.  We’re here for you.

You may find that you learn something new by attending our course, or you can replace it with another course of equal value that suits you.

Once we receive your enquiry email we’ll be in touch straight away to help you schedule your bookings and make your payment.

your VILLAGE VIP Guarantee

Birth & Baby Village will provide you with all included sessions, courses and services to the best of its ability.  We’re constantly improving and refining our classes and courses so the menu of courses on offer may change from time to time.