Pregnancy Yoga

Specialised classes designed for all stages of pregnancy, all levels of experience, and ideal for you no matter how flexible you are!

You’ll receive support, information, education and you’ll find your tribe at pregnancy yoga. 

We’re taking a break from classes until January 2024

Classes held in Noosaville. After yoga and delicious relaxation, you’re invited to stay after class for tea and chat to make new friends and ask questions.

$25 casual or $132 for 6 classes within 8 weeks. And if you’re a previous regular I have a special price for your first class back.

Want to exercise safely and meet other pregnant women?

Now that you’re pregnant you want a specially designed class led by a caring instructor who totally understands all the changes you’re going through.  Over the years as I’ve learned more and more about pregnant women and their bodies I’ve created my very own style of class which is perfect for you.  My classes combine the stretching and breathing of yoga with the strengthening and postural awareness of pilates which is perfect for your pregnant body and mind.

When you come to pregnancy yoga:

  • You’ll feel right at home because I focus on helping you feel comfortable and included, and focus on your individual needs.
  • If it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve never done yoga before you’ll feel completely comfortable around the other pregnant women.  If you’ve had a baby before you can enjoy time out to prepare for your new baby.
  • You’ll love our relaxing space which smells good and feels so calm and peaceful.
  • You will meet other pregnant women to share your mutual journey. 
  • You will have all your questions answered.
  • Classes are small (6-12 women) so I can give you the personalised attention you need.
  • Hearing positive birth stories and positive messages about birth will bring you so much relief.
  • Every single class you’ll gain confidence and build your knowledge about birth and having a baby.
  • Your body will feel strong and flexible and alive from the exercises and movement.
  • You will learn breathing, relaxation, and spend beautiful time-out with your growing baby.

You’ll leave every class feeling light, relaxed and excited about your baby’s birth. 

When’s the best time to begin? As early as possible.  When’s the second-best time to begin? NOW!

Suitable from first trimester right through until birth. You can even start at 39 weeks!

You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s suitable for every pregnant woman.

By attending 1-2 classes per week, you will build your confidence, knowledge and expand your friendship circle.

All equipment is supplied.

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing and bring your water bottle.

For your comfort, don’t eat a large meal within an hour and a half of class starting.


Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth

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Your FREE Pregnancy Action Plan

Short of time? Want to bring your partner onto the same page? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth? To complement the book I’ve created a short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.

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