New courses begin regularly so check the facebook page or enquire for dates.  

The course is included in the  Village VIP Membership package.

Cost for 5 week course for non-members is $150 and includes baby massage oil, instruction sheets of the techniques and morning tea.

Ideal for babies from 5-6 weeks until crawling. 


These sessions provide a nurturing space for you to learn how to massage your baby as well as connecting with other parents and gaining support for your parenting journey

Baby massage is simple to learn, fun to do, and there are many benefits for both parent and baby. You’ll feel close and connected.  You’ll gain confidence to soothe and calm your baby. You’ll be helping boost your baby’s development – brain, nervous system, digestion. Fabulous for calm babies as well as those with wind, constipation and colic. 

Karen will guide you to stretch your own body to relieve tension, to breathe and enjoy a guided meditation to explore the challenges that parenting brings.

While you enjoy a delicious morning tea there is plenty of time to connect with other parents of small babies, to discuss the issues concerning you including sleep, feeding, settling, postpartum emotions, relationships and navigating challenges. You will feel heard, seen and nurtured in these precious sessions with your baby.

With around 30 years of working with families as a mother, friend and childbirth educator, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to facilitate these sessions. At the centre of all Kate’s care are sensitive and responsive parenting practices that recognise the uniqueness of each baby and parent.

Check the Facebook page or contact Karen for dates.  


Find your Tribe

I still remember how much I craved the company of other mothers with new babies after my boys were born.  I wanted to hear that I wasn’t the only one who was tired, overwhelmed, sometimes madly in love and other times feeling desperate.  I wanted to relax and not feel judged.  I wanted to understand why it was so hard having a new baby and just be in the company of women who understood.

That’s why I’ve created Mums Connect, so that you can join us as soon as you wish after the birth of your baby to feel normal and relieved and encouraged and supported, by me and the other mums.  

You can relax.  I’ll look after you and make sure you’re comfortable, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and a bit lighter, and maybe with a few new ideas to try out.



Pregnancy Action Plan

Early in pregnancy your baby’s birth can seem a long way away. Did you know you can start right now to prepare for a good birth? Want to bring your partner onto the same page? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth?
To complement my book Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth I’ve created this short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.
Do the course as early in pregnancy as you can and feel the relief of having a clear guide for the months ahead.
In around an hour you will have a complete understanding of all the strategies you can use during your pregnancy to improve your chances of having a fabulous birth. You may not hear this essential information anywhere else.