This workshop is included in the Village VIP Membership package.

For Calmbirth clients: $120 per couple / For non-members: $150 per couple

Cost includes the interactive workshop, take home notes, afternoon plus your Postpartum Plan.

For dates see the booking panel below or contact Karen.


You don’t have to feel tired and overwhelmed with your new baby

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual and struggles with breastfeeding and working out what a new baby needs are common. Understanding how breastfeeding works and what new babies need will make life with your baby much smoother. This fun workshop is designed for you and your partner to prepare during pregnancy for life after your baby is born. 

Part 1: Successful breastfeeding
  • What to do from the very start
  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk
  • Successful latch and position
  • Avoiding sore nipples, mastitis, thrush
  • Expressing and timing of feeds
  • How to recognise problems and where to find support
  • What partners can do to help
Part 2: Life with your newborn
  • Sleeping and settling
  • Crying
  • Colic
  • How to know when something is wrong
  • Getting enough rest
  • Eating, drinking, exercising
  • Housework, visitors
  • Staying connected as a couple

This workshop is designed for both mum and partner. Parenting takes teamwork, and you’re more likely to succeed if your partner understands exactly how to support you. If your partner can’t make it, or you are going through the pregnancy journey as a solo parent, come along anyway and you’ll take home your postnatal plan to work on with your partner or support person/friend..

Pregnancy Action Plan

Early in pregnancy your baby’s birth can seem a long way away. Did you know you can start right now to prepare for a good birth? Want to bring your partner onto the same page? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth?
To complement my book Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth I’ve created this short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.
Do the course as early in pregnancy as you can and feel the relief of having a clear guide for the months ahead.
In around an hour you will have a complete understanding of all the strategies you can use during your pregnancy to improve your chances of having a fabulous birth. You may not hear this essential information anywhere else.