You really don’t want a backache labour

You’ve probably heard someone tell you about their backache labour.  Or perhaps you had one (hopefully not more than one!) yourself.  What is it? 

It’s the back pain during labour that’s caused by a baby facing the front instead of the mother’s back.  Imagine putting your shoe on the wrong way then going for a walk.  Your foot wouldn’t fit, and it would hurt, and take ages for your foot to push the shoe until it’s the right way around and fits.  Or you’d give up the walk halfway through.  

Your pelvis is a certain shape, which stretches open as your baby moves down during labour.  Your baby’s head is a certain shape, which can change shape when the bones overlap during labour (called moulding).  The head has to fit the pelvis, which can be simple and allow for a straightforward labour.  Or it can have trouble fitting, especially if it’s turned the wrong way around.  

Long before you go into labour, there are many things you can do to influence the way your baby fits into your pelvis.  Such as?  

Pregnancy yoga will stretch tight muscles so that your pelvis is mobile.

Pregnancy yoga will also teach you about correct posture so that you sit, stand, lie down and move in ways that encourage your baby into a great position.  

No more lying back on your couch!  We call this “no banana curve” in your spine.  

You can learn ways to balance your uterus so that it sits in your pelvis evenly.

You can learn ways to balance your pelvis so that it’s not uneven – a common cause of baby’s position not being ideal.

This is a big deal.  It can mean the difference between a simple labour and a long, painful, complicated labour often leading to caesarean.

At Birth & Baby Village we offer our Balance your Body workshop once a month to teach you and your partner all of this great information and much more.  The partners love it, and the mums love it because they get a massage and a lie down!  

Want to learn more?  Head over to the I’m Pregnant page where you can read more about our classes and workshops.

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