my baby’s here

I'm so happy to give you all the support and information you need and deserve with your new baby

Your Village VIP options: Deluxe Package or Thriving Mama Package
My Baby’s Here

Wednesdays 9.30-10.45am

Village VIPs receive unlimited classes for 6 months.

All other clients: $20 for trial class then $90 for 6 week pass, valid for 8 weeks from date of first attendance.


Stretch, tone, breathe and relax with your baby

Now that your baby is here, you’re ready to get your body moving and reconnect with your core and pelvic floor muscles.  Learn about safe and effective exercise after birth, relieve your tight muscles, practice skills to be a calm and mindful mum, breathe and relax. Connect with the other mums and babies and enjoy a combination of yoga and pilates with your baby in a fun, friendly and unpredictable (!) environment.  Come as soon as you’re ready after birth and just relax with your baby if you wish.

Suitable for babies of all ages and ideal once your baby is about 3 months old to crawling.  

My Baby’s Here

New courses begin each month so check the facebook page or enquire for dates.  

Village VIPs one free course.

All other clients: $105 per course.

infant massage 4 week course

Enjoy closeness and connection as you teach your baby how to relax

Infant Massage is simple to learn, fun to do, and there are so many benefits for both parent and baby.  You’ll feel close and connected.  You’ll gain confidence to soothe and calm your baby.  You’ll be helping boost your baby’s development – brain, nervous system, digestion.  Fabulous for calm babies as well as those with wind, constipation and colic. 

Enjoy this special time with your baby plus meet other mothers with small babies.

Suitable for babies from 4 weeks until around walking stage.  Your course includes a bottle of oil to use at home plus a reminder sheet of all the techniques.  

My Baby’s Here

Check the Facebook page for dates.  Sessions held regularly.

Village VIPs receive unlimited sessions for 6 months.

All other clients: $20 per morning tea session and free Zoom.


Find your Tribe

I still remember how much I craved the company of other mothers with new babies after my boys were born.  I wanted to hear that I wasn’t the only one who was tired, overwhelmed, sometimes madly in love and other times feeling desperate.  I wanted to relax and not feel judged.  I wanted to understand why it was so hard having a new baby and just be in the company of women who understood.

That’s why I’ve created Mums Connect, so that you can join us as soon as you wish after the birth of your baby to feel normal and relieved and encouraged and supported, by me and the other mums.  

You can relax.  I’ll look after you and make sure you’re comfortable, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and a bit lighter, and maybe with a few new ideas to try out.

Once a month I facilitate morning tea, and every week I run a free Zoom session so that you can connect with me and other new mums from home.  

My Baby’s Here
It's free and it's fun

Every Thursday we meet at the river on Gympie Terrace, Noosaville for a walk along the river, a stretch then coffee.  In summer we have a dip in the river with the bubbas.

Meet us at 9.30am opposite Raw Energy wearing your walking shoes and hat, with your baby in the pram or your carrier.  

If you’re running late, don’t stress!  Just give me a call and I’ll let you know where we are so you can catch us up.

I’ll make sure you meet other mums, and you can ask for my advice or debrief your birth as we walk.  I’m here for you and can’t wait to have you and your baby join us.  

No bookings necessary.  Bring your mother’s group, your mother, your sister, your friends.  All are welcome.  We’re very friendly and supportive.