Calmbirth ®

Do you want a calm and positive birth?

You’re a savvy woman.  You know that a good birth gives your baby the best start to life.   A good birth experience gives you and your partner confidence to be great parents.  It forms a strong foundation for your family’s future.

You want the best information, the best birth preparation, the best state of mind for giving birth.  You want your partner to be on the same page and to know exactly what to do as your number one support person.  

That’s why you choose Calmbirth.  Thousands of Australian couples every year trust Calmbirth for their birth education. They know that with knowledge comes confidence.

Birth & Baby Village in Noosa has two experienced Calmbirth Educators running courses every month on days and times to suit your busy lifestyle.

Our happy couples say “This course should be compulsory.  It was worth every minute and every dollar.”  – Billy 

“I came to Calmbirth with a hope of finding ways to cope with childbirth and left with genuine excitement about having a calm, joyful and natural birth experience.” – Helen

  • It’s Australia’s most highly acclaimed and trusted Childbirth Education program run by experienced Birth Educators and Midwives.
  • Held over two days in Noosaville, with a small group of 3-6 couples.
  • Suitable for any stage of pregnancy, although early attendance from 24-34 weeks is encouraged to allow time for home practice.
  • Suitable for any type of birth including hospital birth, homebirth, birth centre, natural birth, induction of labour or planned caesarean section.
  • Ideal whether it’s your first baby or you’ve already birthed one or more babies.
  • Can be used in place of, or as well as, hospital antenatal classes.

Membership includes the couples’ Calmbirth course.

Non-members: $550 per couple.  $100 deposit reserves your place.  Balance of payment is due one month before course begins.

We offer a payment system to suit your budget if required.

Option 1 – $50 per week / Option 2 – $100 per week. 

Upcoming Course Dates Early 2020:
  • Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th January 9am-5pm with Brooke
  • Wednesdays: 5 weeks from 15th January – 12th February 6-8.30pm with Karen
  • Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th February 9am-5pm with Brooke
  • Sunday 16th & 23rd February 9am-5pm with Karen
  • Saturday 29th February & Sunday 1st March 9am-5pm with Brooke
  • Friday 6th & 13th March 9am-5pm with Karen
  • Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 9am-5pm with Brooke
  • Sunday 29th March & 5th April 9am-5pm with Karen
  • Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April with Brooke

Your Birth & Baby Village Calmbirth® Educators

I’m preparing for my positive birth
Karen Shlegeris

Calmbirth Educator since 2007, Childbirth & Breastfeeding Educator, Birth Doula, Founder of Birth & Baby Village, mother of two.

I’m preparing for my positive birth
Brooke Cooper

Registered Nurse and Midwife, hospital Childbirth Educator, Calmbirth Educator and mother of two daughters.

, I’m preparing for my positive birth

Why do I need Calmbirth?

MUM: If you’re pregnant you’re either not thinking about the birth because it makes you feel a bit nervous, or you’re reading lots of books and blogs and wondering how you’ll ever know enough. You’re probably hearing lots of horror birth stories and feeling anxious about the pain everyone tells you about.

PARTNER: Most partners find it hard to connect with what the pregnant woman’s feeling and don’t really want to read books about childbirth.

BOTH OF YOU: Many mums feel the connection with the baby but partners can often feel out of the loop and don’t really “get it.” Yet they’re secretly afraid of what they’re supposed to do when she goes into labour and how they’ll manage “seeing her in pain.”

Calmbirth will bring you and your partner closer. It will bring you both onto the same page. It will increase your love for each other and for your baby.

, I’m preparing for my positive birth

Why choose Calmbirth?

It is one of the first childbirth education programs to be evidence based, clinically and scientifically proven to:

• reduce the rates of medical intervention
• reduce the use of pain relief and epidurals during childbirth
• reduce the impact of perinatal anxiety and postnatal depression in women after childbirth, and
• enrich their birth experience as positive, irrespective of how they birth.

, I’m preparing for my positive birth

Calmbirth® Refresher

Birth & Baby Village also offers a Calmbirth® refresher course to couples who have previously attended a Calmbirth® course.

Each baby, each birth is special and unique. Take some special time as a couple to debrief from your previous birth, to review and refine your Calmbirth® skills and knowledge, and recommit to bringing your new baby into the world calmly and confidently. Dates and times to suit your schedule.  Cost is $300.

Contact Karen to arrange your refresher course.  Call 0424 226 490  or email

I’m preparing for my positive birth

Frequently Asked Questions

About 3-4 couples to create a relaxed, friendly and trusting atmosphere, so book early to avoid disappointment.

$550 per couple.  Course fee includes:

•   A comprehensive information booklet.

•   The official Calmbirth® recorded relaxations which form the basis of your practice after the course until the birth of your baby.

•   Valuable handouts and extra information sheets to use before and during birth.

•   Access to the Birth & Baby Village library.

•   Ongoing phone and email support with your Educator.

•   Priority access to Birth & Baby Village’s other classes including Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates, Balance your Body, Newborn Secrets breastfeeding and parenting workshop, Mums & Bubs Yoga and other events.

•   Delicious morning and afternoon tea, drinks and snacks during the course.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch or go to a nearby café for lunch.

Cancellation before one week prior to Class 1 will receive $500 refund.  

Cancellation within one week prior to Class 1 will receive no refund, as places cannot be refilled at this late stage.

Cancellation within one week prior to Class 1 due to medical condition will receive $500 refund at the discretion of the Birth & Baby Village administration. 

Cancellation after Class 1 will receive no refund.

“It was a remarkable experience, hard work but well worth it and I’m already ready for more!!   Thank you Karen for everything you did to aid in the preparation of our birth.  The breathing and the visualisation were extremely helpful.  I look forward to seeing you again soon with number 2- lol!”  –Aly

Newborn Secrets

You don’t have to feel tired and overwhelmed with your new baby

Quite often during pregnancy couples put most of their focus on the birth and then feel unprepared upon arrival of their new baby.  Couples may struggle in the first few months of their baby’s life because they did not take the time to learn about breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, settling and looking after themselves on limited sleep and maximum stress.  This workshop for couples reveals the essentials you need to understand to help you survive and thrive during this amazing newborn time.  

Part 1: Successful breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant Kelly Rechtin
  • How it works
  • Successful latch and position
  • Avoiding sore nipples, mastitis, thrush
  • Expressing and timing of feeds
  • Who to call for help
Part 2: Life with your newborn with Parenting Educator Karen Shlegeris
  • Sleeping
  • Crying
  • Colic
  • How to know if something’s wrong
  • Getting enough rest
  • Eating, drinking, exercising
  • Housework, visitors
  • Staying connected as a couple

This workshop is designed for both mum and partner.  Parenting takes teamwork, and you’re more likely to succeed if your partner understands exactly how to support you.  If your partner can’t make it, come along anyway and you’ll take home your postnatal plan to work on together. 

Membership includes the couples’ Newborn Secrets course.

Non-members: $120 per couple.   

Birthing Together

Prepare for a great birth

Bring your partner and boost your confidence with massage, touch, breathing, relaxation, movement, acupressure, affirmations and much more.  This 4 hour workshop will assist you both in preparing for a calm, active and successful birth.

Great as a refresher if you’ve birthed before, or to complement your hospital classes if you want more practical tools.

4 hour group workshop $150 per couple.  

To arrange a private workshop for yourself and your partner  call 0424 226 490  or email  Cost is $300 for 4 hours.  

PREGNANCY & BIRTH Wisdom Q&A sessions

Explore the topics that matter to you

Join us for an informal discussion of all the topics that affect you as you bring your baby into the world:

  • Should I prepare a birth plan?
  • What if I need a caesarean?
  • How can I prepare my parents and in-laws for what we want?
  • When do I go to hospital?

You’ll meet other lovely couples during these sessions and learn how to make the right choices for you and your growing family.

Sessions held several times during each month. 

Members enjoy unlimited sessions during their pregnancy and after the birth.

Non-members: single session $15 or $40 for 3 sessions.  Price includes both parents.    

get you r labour going private session

We can help you "get the show on the road"

Bring your partner to an hour visit with Karen:

  • If your baby is not in an ideal position eg. posterior, transverse, breech
  • If you’re at your due date and baby isn’t engaged
  • If you’re past your due date and labour hasn’t begun
  • If you’re having niggling contractions which come and go                          

We’ll do some rebozo, positioning, acupressure, essential oils, identify any issues which might be holding you back, and a guided relaxation.  Your parter can continue to use the techniques with you at home or in hospital.  

Book your private appointment by contacting Karen 0424 224490 or

Memberships include one session for the couple as birth approaches.

Non-members: single session $60.   

To book your private session call 0424 226 490  or email


“Every couple needs a doula”

Meet your local doulas who can provide you and your partner with continuous emotional and physical support, evidence-based information, comfort, reassurance and respect throughout pregnancy, labour and after birth.  Doula support greatly improves the physical and emotional outcomes of birth: fewer inductions, epidurals and caesarean births and much happier mums and partners. 

Doula support by Cara McDonald from MamaCara is available separately and is also included in the Deluxe Birth & Baby Membership package.

Birth Photography & Video

Capture those special moments you may forget

A non-invasive, professional birth photographer can capture memories of your birthing story in the most sensitive and relaxed manner.

Having this very special time documented in still shots or on film will provide an opportunity to relive one of the most important times of your life. You will see the beautiful moments that would otherwise have been lost forever.

Included as an option in the Deluxe Birth & Baby Membership package.

Essential Oils for labour, birth and beyond

Remember a time when you felt very calm…

The use of high-quality essential oils adds an extra dimension to your experience, not only for the divine smell but the therapeutic properties that essential oils offer.  Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties, peppermint eases nausea, clary sage encourages contractions, geranium prepares the perineum for stretching and a blend of oils can assist in healing the body after birth.  And of course, oils make your birthing space feel like YOUR special space.