I'm Pregnant

Congratulations! You want the best. I've created the very best classes so that you and your partner will be completely prepared for your precious baby's birth.

My Village VIP Package includes all of these sessions.  Choose between Calmbirth, Calmbirth Refresher or Active Birth for your birth class.
, I’m Pregnant
Village VIPs enjoy unlimited classes through the entirety of their pregnancy, until birth.

Pregnancy Yoga face to face: Tuesdays 5.30-7pm, Wednesdays 6-7.30pm and Saturdays 9.30-11am.  Places are limited so book early.

Non-members: first class $22. Following classes: 6 class pass $120 – valid for 8 weeks.


Pregnancy Yoga

Want to exercise safely and meet other mums?

Now that you’re pregnant you want a specially designed class led by a caring instructor who totally understands all the changes you’re going through.  Over the years as I’ve learned more and more about pregnant women and their bodies I’ve created my very own style of class which is perfect for you.  My classes combine the stretching and breathing of yoga with the strengthening and postural awareness of pilates which is perfect for your pregnant body and mind.

When you come to pregnancy yoga:

  • You’ll feel right at home because I focus on helping you feel comfortable and included, and focus on your individual needs.
  • If it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve never done yoga before you’ll feel completely comfortable around the other pregnant women.  If you’ve had a baby before you can enjoy time out to prepare for your new baby.
  • You’ll love our relaxing space which smells good and feels so calm and peaceful.
  • You will meet other pregnant women to share your mutual journey. 
  • You will have all your questions answered.
  • Classes are small (6-12 women) so I can give you the personalised attention you need.
  • Hearing positive birth stories and positive messages about birth will bring you so much relief.
  • Every single class you’ll gain confidence and build your knowledge about birth and having a baby.
  • Your body will feel strong and flexible and alive from the exercises and movement.
  • You will learn breathing, relaxation, and spend beautiful time-out with your growing baby.

You’ll leave every class feeling light, relaxed and excited about your baby’s birth. 

When’s the best time to begin? As early as possible.  When’s the second-best time to begin? NOW!

Suitable from first trimester right through until birth. You can even start at 39 weeks!

You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s suitable for every pregnant woman.

By attending 1-2 classes per week, you will build your confidence, knowledge and expand your friendship circle.

All equipment is supplied.

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing and bring your water bottle.

For your comfort, don’t eat a large meal within an hour and a half of class starting.

I’m Pregnant

The Village VIP package includes the couples’ Calmbirth course.

Upcoming dates on our facebook page Birth & Baby Village events.

Choose a Calmbirth Refresher if you’ve done Calmbirth for a previous birth.  


Do you want a calm and positive birth?

You want the best information, the best birth preparation, the best state of mind for giving birth.  You want your partner to be on the same page and to know exactly what to do as your number one support person.  

That’s why you choose Calmbirth.  Thousands of Australian couples every year trust Calmbirth for their birth education. They know that with knowledge comes confidence.

Click below for all you need to know about Calmbirth at Birth & Baby Village, including:
> Why do I need Calmbirth
> Why choose Calmbirth
> Calmbirth Refresher 
> Course Dates and Bookings 

, I’m Pregnant

One group session is included in all Village VIP packages.

Non-members: Group session $57 for mums and partners come for free.  

If you prefer a private session, cost is $87.  To book your private session call 0424 226 490  or email karen@birthandbabyvillage.com.au


Balance class: Get your baby into a great position for birth

This class could change your life. Why? Because it could prevent a breech position, long, posterior back-ache labour, need for an epidural, forceps, vacuum or caesarean section.

Did you know that you need balance in your body and plenty of space for baby to get into a good position in your pelvis?  In this short and fun couple session, you and your partner will learn simple skills and techniques to use at home and during birth.

  • How to be comfortable and avoid backache so you can sleep and move well during your pregnancy.
  • Ways to sit, stand, rest and move for pregnancy comfort and to encourage your baby into a good position.
  • Learn why labour is shorter and easier when baby’s facing the right way and not back-to-back/posterior/OP.
  • Be informed about the actions you can take if you go past your due date, if labour takes too long to start or if you’re having an induction.
Most birth classes don’t cover this information!  

Classes are held once a month and are ideal for couples, or if you’re a solo parent or your partner’s not available, bring your doula or birth partner.  It’s a wonderful way for you and your partner to learn together, connect with one another and bond with your baby.  

, I’m Pregnant

This workshop is included in the VIP package.

Non-members: $107 per couple which includes the interactive workshop, take home notes, afternoon plus Your Postnatal Plan. 

For dates see events on the facebook page or the calendar.


You don’t have to feel tired and overwhelmed with your new baby

Quite often during pregnancy couples put most of their focus on the birth and then feel unprepared upon arrival of their new baby.  Couples may struggle in the first few months of their baby’s life because they did not take the time to learn about breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, settling and looking after themselves on limited sleep and maximum stress.  This workshop for couples reveals the essentials you need to understand to help you survive and thrive during this amazing newborn time.  

Part 1: Successful breastfeeding
  • How it works
  • Successful latch and position
  • Avoiding sore nipples, mastitis, thrush
  • Expressing and timing of feeds
  • Who to call for help in your area
Part 2: Life with your newborn
  • Sleeping
  • Crying
  • Colic
  • How to know if something’s wrong
  • Getting enough rest
  • Eating, drinking, exercising
  • Housework, visitors
  • Staying connected as a couple

This workshop is designed for both mum and partner.  Parenting takes teamwork, and you’re more likely to succeed if your partner understands exactly how to support you.  If your partner can’t make it, or you are going through the pregnancy journey as a solo parent, come along anyway and you’ll take home your postnatal plan to work on with your partner or support person/friend.. 

, I’m Pregnant

 4 hour group workshop $197 per couple.  Enquire for dates.

To arrange a private workshop for yourself and your partner cost is $347 for 4 hours. Call 0424 226 490  or email karen@birthandbabyvillage.com.au.


Prepare for a great birth

If you choose not to do Calmbirth for whatever reason, or you’ve had a baby before and just want a refresher class, you still need much more than the hospital class provides.  Bring your partner to this practical and informative class and boost your confidence with massage, touch, breathing, relaxation, movement, acupressure, affirmations and much more.  This 4 hour workshop will assist you both in preparing for a calm, active and successful birth and tell you what other classes miss out on.  

, I’m Pregnant


One hour session is $80. To book your private session email karen@birthandbabyvillage.com.au  or call 0424 226 490

get your labour going private session

We can help you "get the show on the road"

Bring your partner to an hour visit with Karen:

  • If your baby is not in an ideal position eg. posterior, transverse, breech
  • If you’re at your due date and baby isn’t engaged
  • If you’re past your due date and labour hasn’t begun
  • If you’re having niggling contractions which come and go

We’ll do some rebozo, positioning, acupressure, essential oils, identify any issues which might be holding you back, and a guided relaxation.  Your partner can continue to use the techniques with you at home or in hospital.  


Having a Great Birth

Would you like to learn more about all the options available to you to ensure you have a great birth? 

Karen is offering free Information Sessions via Zoom where she will share her knowledge to help you prepare for the birth of your dreams. 

To see session details, simply click below.