I'm Pregnant

Congratulations! We offer specialised classes for you to exercise safely, sleep well, feel calm in mind and comfortable in your body.

Your membership options:  Glowing Pregnancy, Thriving Mama or Deluxe Membership Packages
, I’m Pregnant


Members enjoy unlimited classes through the entirety of your pregnancy, until birth.

Non-members: first class $22. Following classes: 6 class pass $120 – valid for 8 weeks.

If you’re in your last month or so of pregnancy you don’t have to buy a pass.

Pregnancy Yoga: Tuesdays 9.15am-10.30am & 6-7.30pm and Saturdays 9-10.15am followed by tea and chat

Pregnancy Pilates: Thursdays 5.30-6.45pm

Pregnancy Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates

Want to exercise safely and meet other mums?

We have designed our classes specifically for women like you. Benefit from a relaxing space where you will meet other pregnant women to share your mutual journey.  A place where you can have your questions answered.

Enjoy informative and positive birth stories and positive messages about birth.

Build your knowledge and confidence as well as your physical wellbeing when you attend our specialised Yoga and Pilates classes throughout your pregnancy. 

We are here to support your pregnancy/birthing experience and our classes focus on everything you need:

breathing – relaxation – positions for birth
strength – tone – flexibility
friends – support – education

When your body moves, your baby benefits from extra blood flow, helping him/her to grow healthy and strong.

When you breathe calmly and relax, your baby receives those calming hormones.

You’ll leave every class feeling light, relaxed and excited about your baby’s birth. 

Pregnancy Yoga contains more stretching and internal focus.  Pregnancy Pilates contains more strength and postural work.  They complement each other and you can mix and match.  Included are 4 classes per week, tailored to suit your busy lifestyle.

When’s the best time to begin? As early as possible.  When’s the second-best time to begin? NOW!

Suitable from first trimester right through until birth. You can even start at 39 weeks!

You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s suitable for every pregnant woman.

By attending 1-2 classes per week, you will build your confidence, knowledge and expand your friendship circle.

All equipment is supplied.

Wear comfy, stretchy clothing and bring your water bottle.

For your comfort, don’t eat a large meal within an hour and a half of class starting.

, I’m Pregnant

Membership includes one group session.

Non-members: Group session $30 for mums and partners come for free.  

If you prefer a private session, cost is $60.  To book your private session call 0424 226 490  or email karen@birthandbabyvillage.com.au

Balance your Body class

Do you want a comfortable pregnancy and a straight-forward birth?

If so, you will require balance in your body and plenty of space for baby to get into a good position in your pelvis.  In this short and fun couple session, you and your partner will learn skills from Spinning Babies and Optimal Maternal Positioning:

  • lots of simple skills to keep you comfortable and avoid backache so you can sleep and move well during your pregnancy
  • ways to sit, stand, rest and move for pregnancy comfort and to encourage your baby into a good position
  • learn why labour is shorter and easier when baby’s facing the right way and not back-to-back/posterior/OP
  • be informed about the actions you can take if you go past your due date, if labour takes too long to start or if you’re having an induction

Classes are held once a month and are ideal for couples. If your partner is not available, or you are going through the pregnancy journey as a solo parent, we’ll find you another pregnant woman to team up with.  We encourage couples to attend a minimum 2-3 classes during pregnancy to perfect and practice the techniques.  It’s a wonderful way for you and your partner to learn together, connect with one another and bond with your baby.  Every class ends with a guided relaxation. 

, I’m Pregnant


To book your appointment call Michele on 0402 156 318.


Someone to talk to if you need some extra support

Michele Hill is our in-house psychologist who is passionate about working with women, partners and families during the childbearing years.  As well as core counselling methods such as reflective listening and ensuring a safe non-judgemental space for her clients, Michele incorporates many different methods and tools to suit you and your concerns.  You may be eligible for a Medicare Rebate so talk to your GP, although you don’t need a GP referral if you prefer to contact her directly.  If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, your relationships or just need someone to talk to, Michele will be pleased to provide you with guidance from her years of expertise and special interest in perinatal mental health and relationship issues.

, I’m Pregnant


Members enjoy a free one hour massage during their pregnancy and after their baby’s born.

60 minutes $90 | 75 minutes $105 | 90 minutes $120

Pregnancy Massage

You deserve to feel wonderful throughout your pregnancy!

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are endless. Tailored to support each specific stage of your pregnancy and your personal needs, you will leave your session feeling relaxed, free from discomfort and totally pampered. Your sleep will be deeper, your body will feel more aligned, and you will be and calm and grounded.

Also suitable for partners as Alana is experienced with massaging both women and men.