Breastfeeding can be a challenge. We're here for you

We are privileged to have an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant to facilitate the Sunshine Coast’s only breastfeeding information and support group every week here at Birth & Baby Village. Kelly Rechtin from local business Milk Supply Noosa will share everything you need to know about your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. Added bonus: she’s also a Child Health Nurse so you can use her scales to weigh your baby during the session. Come every week to build your support network of supportive feeding mums and bubs no matter how young or old your baby is.  

Members enjoy unlimited sessions.

Non-members: $15 for one session or $40 for 4 sessions. 

Private Lactation consultant

Require a private session with Kelly for additional support?  Kelly Rechtin from Milk Supply Noosa is available for private consultations in your home to answer your questions and help you succeed with breastfeeding your baby, at any stage of your breastfeeding journey.

Members benefit from one private home visit by Kelly Rechtin after the birth of their baby. 

Non-members: $140 is the standard charge for a 1-2 hour visit in your home in the Noosa area.  Outside Noosa area incurs travel cost at $70 per hour.      


Your safe space to venture out with your new baby

Socialising again can at first feel daunting. Once you feel comfortable to take your baby out, we would love you to join us for our monthly morning tea with other mums and babies.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with women who are all going through similar experiences, share your stories and benefit from a sense of normalcy again – what a relief!  Wear your pyjamas if you wish…there is no judgement here!  We have seen very close friendships blossom out of these groups that last beyond ‘the baby years’.  Your session is facilitated by Karen Shlegeris, founder of Birth & Baby Village and new mama nurturer. 

Membership includes one morning tea.

Non-members: $15 per session.             

Baby & Mama Wisdom Q&A sessions

Short and sweet discussions on topics that matter

These sessions are designed to address the topics that are most relevant to you about babies, mothering and parenting.  Presented by an expert in the field with current, evidence-based information, you’ll be able to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of matters you need to know about as you bring your baby into the world and into your family. 

  • Juggling baby with other children.
  • Returning to work.
  • Bedroom issues.
  • I feel like a different person
  • What’s babywearing?
  • Do we need a routine or (gulp) sleep training?

Members enjoy unlimited sessions.

Non-members: single session $15 or $40 for 3 sessions.  Price includes both parents.         


A class designed to support mums and their babies from birth until crawling

Now that your baby is here, you’re ready to get your body moving and reconnect with your core and pelvic floor muscles.  Learn about safe and effective exercise after birth, relieve your tight muscles, practice skills to be a calm and mindful mum, breathe and relax. Connect with the other mums and babies and enjoy a combination of yoga and pilates with your baby in a fun, friendly and unpredictable (!) environment.  Come as soon as you’re ready after birth and just relax with your baby if you wish.

Membership includes one Mums & Bubs yoga 6 week course.

Non-members: $15 per mum & baby.  

I have a new baby

Toddler yoga and mindfulness classes

Inspiring love, light and learning from within

Emma’s divine classes and workshops teach toddlers and their carers how to be mindful for a happy, calm and healthy life.  A beautiful combination of yoga, breathing and creativity that toddlers just love.  Suitable for 2-4 year olds with their carer.

New classes and workshops coming in January 2020.  Book your class here at

, I have a new baby


Your safe space to explore the adventure of motherhood

Whether you’re experiencing this for the 1st, 2nd or 4th time…having a new baby can be an intense time for mothers.  It can bring a mix of joy and stress as you learn to adapt to the changes in your life and your growing family.  This course gives you a safe space and time to explore your changed world, acknowledge the challenges that come with parenting, find ways to cope and adapt, and share the load with others who understand and care about your story.  

Cuddle, feed and snuggle with your baby while you chat.  Each week our small group of mothers will explore a different theme, share morning tea and end with a guided relaxation. 

Arriving in 2020!  Join our mailing list and be the first to know available dates for this upcoming workshop. 

, I have a new baby

Baby Sleep workshops with our Sensitive Sleep Consultant

Does your baby sleep through the night?

Sleep for your baby is important, however, YOUR sleep is equally as important. How to get a baby to sleep and stay asleep is one of the biggest concerns you’ll have as a new parent.  You may be told a lot of conflicting advice, which can be confusing. We understand that you just want to know what’s best for both your baby and your family.  Our Sensitive Sleep Consultant will give you simple information and options to suit every family in this short workshop.  Alternatively, you can book a private consultation to resolve your individual issues. 

Arriving in 2020!  Join our mailing list and be the first to know available dates for this upcoming workshop.

Blissful massage for tired mums

You deserve to feel wonderful!

Parenting is a big task, and mothers give out so much.  A massage is the perfect way to recharge your batteries so that you can care for those you love.  It’s not a luxury; it’s essential!  Happy mum, happy family!

Members enjoy a free postnatal massage up to 6 months after birth.

Non-members: $120 for 90 minutes | $105 for 75 minutes | $90 for 60 minutes.

Also suitable for partners as Alana is experienced with massaging both women and men.

Newborn Photography

Capture the special moments

A professional, non-invasive birth photographer can capture memories of your newborn baby in the most sensitive and relaxed manner.

Newborn photography by Cara McDonald from MamaCara is available separately and is also included in the Deluxe Birth & Baby Membership package.