No more boring birth classes

The thought of having to sit through 6 evening classes, or worse still, a whole day, of boring birth classes at the hospital is almost as bad as the annual dentist visit for most people, particularly our men.  It’s the thought of uncomfortable chairs set in a big circle, with a boring midwife droning on about vaginas and contractions, and the inevitable horrendous birth video reminiscent of the one they were forced to watch at high school in PD, with screaming and blood and more vaginas. They will try anything to get out of going.  A very sore throat, way too much work because they’ll “soon be the sole breadwinner”, simply no time, a babysitter’s too expensive (if you have other children), “it’s women’s business”, “what could they possibly learn?” or let’s just wing it – “WE’LL BE RIGHT ON THE DAY!”

I’ve sat through these types of classes and I know they can be OK, or truly horrible.  So why on earth would you pay good money to come to a birth class?  Sounds like throwing money and time away.

That’s why, after 20 years of teaching birth classes, I’ve worked out the formula to NO MORE BORING BIRTH CLASSES.  At Birth & Baby Village you’ll be welcomed into our calm and peaceful space.   I prepare homemade food and make you drinks and snacks to enjoy as you meet a small group of other couples just like you, who might just become friends for life.

In my classes, dads or partners are just as important as the birthing mother.  All my information includes the partners so that they learn how to support their woman to feel safe and comfortable during labour and birth.  It’s not airy-fairy; all my information is evidence-based and current, and I explain everything in simple terms so you know what’s happening inside the mother physically as well as emotionally.  I explain how the mother and the partner might feel during labour, how they might behave, what can help and what can slow things down or make them more complicated.

Hospital classes tell you what the hospital wants you to know. They talk about drugs and interventions as though they’re a normal part of labour.  Our birth classes explain normal birth, plus challenges that can occur along the way, how to avoid problems and how to deal with them if they arise, while staying calm to keep mum and baby safe.  Most women want a natural, safe birth and that’s what we prepare for, while understanding that if Plan A becomes Plan B or even C, they can still enjoy a safe, joyful birth of their baby rather than it becoming a nightmare.

When couples spend time focussing on each other and planning together for the exciting event of their baby, they experience a huge shift. They come onto the same page, they find common ground, they feel the love for each other and their unborn baby, and their smiles, hugs and kisses show me that they are so relieved to hear what they’ve learned.  Most couples arrive nervous and apprehensive and leave full of confidence, excitement, and in love with each other.  It’s a joy to watch, and I love sharing this special time with couples who are willing to give it a go.

Here’s what the dads say after a few hours here: “I had no idea what a contraction was.  Now it all makes sense.”  “I’m so relieved to know all the practical things I can do to help her.”  “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?”  “This course should be compulsory.  It should be in every hospital and every couple should have to do it.”  “I’m so excited about the birth now; I wish it was tomorrow.”  “Thank you so much for opening your house to us, and for telling us how wonderful birth can be.”

Why not give a Birth & Baby Village birth class a try?  You can do a short 4 hour Birthing Together class, or go the whole way and spend two days with your loved one at a Calmbirth course. It will make a huge difference to how you both feel during the rest of your pregnancy, it will make a huge difference to how you feel during your baby’s birth, it will improve your relationship and it will change the way you raise your child.  

You’ll find more information about our range of birth classes here or select the button below.

No more boring birth classes

No more boring birth classes

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Pregnancy Action Plan

Early in pregnancy your baby’s birth can seem a long way away. Did you know you can start right now to prepare for a good birth? Want to bring your partner onto the same page? Want to know what you can do in between antenatal visits to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy and prepare for your baby’s birth?
To complement my book Inspired Pregnancy, Joyful Birth I’ve created this short, online course for you and your partner to watch together.
Do the course as early in pregnancy as you can and feel the relief of having a clear guide for the months ahead.
In around an hour you will have a complete understanding of all the strategies you can use during your pregnancy to improve your chances of having a fabulous birth. You may not hear this essential information anywhere else.