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We genuinely believe that you deserve to have the very best experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Here at Birth & Baby Village you will find a community of support to help you to feel inspired, informed and prepared for the arrival of your baby and beyond. We offer a variety of programs to assist in your journey and to encourage you, your partner and your family to be calm, confident and connected within your very own village.

We offer three unique Membership Packages so that you can choose a package to suit your needs.

It’s as easy as choosing your classes and booking your massages.

Everything is included.  It’s all you need in the one place – relax and enjoy your journey for up to an entire year.



We guide your entire pregnancy

You will receive everything we have to offer as we guide you through your pregnancy and you prepare for a beautiful birth.

 The earlier you join, the more classes you receive.   
  • Unlimited Pregnancy Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates classes: choose from 4 classes per week
  • A visit with Karen to make a plan for your fitness, education and wellbeing throughout pregnancy
  • 1 x Balance your Body for couples class
  • 1 x Calmbirth course for couples
  • 1 x Newborn Secrets course for couples
  • 1 x 1 hour Pregnancy Massage 
  • 1 x 1 hour visit to our Osteopath
  • An end of pregnancy visit with Karen to ensure baby’s in a great position for birth, answer final questions and enjoy a guided relaxation to visualise your beautiful birth
  • Unlimited visits to our Mums Group to learn about breastfeeding and mothering from mamas just ahead of you
  • Unlimited Dads Group sessions
  • Zoom weekly catchups for Members only
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6 months of postnatal care

You will receive 6 months of postnatal care and support from birth until your baby is 6 months old.

We will assist you and your partner to have a smooth transition to life with your new baby, breastfeeding and becoming parents.
  • A postnatal visit by our Lactation Consultant Kelly Rechtin after birth to resolve any breastfeeding issues and ensure you get the right start
  • A 2 hour postnatal doula visit by Karen around 4 weeks after birth to help you adjust, ask questions, develop a routine or hold baby for you
  • Unlimited Village Mamas Connect sessions
  • An Osteopath assessment with Megan to prepare you for our yoga + pilates classes
  • Unlimited Mums & Bubs yoga + pilates classes & courses
  • 1 x 1 hour Postnatal Massage
  • Unlimited visits to our Mums & Bubs Group sessions
  • Unlimited Dads Group sessions
  • Plus priority access to our workshops eg. Healthy Sleep Habits, managing your Toddler and Managing your Money.

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More than 12 months of support

We totally understand how busy you are and how much you want to get this right. There’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start planning.  Relax.  We’ve made it simple for you.  Hand it over to us, and we’ll guide you the whole way from being a couple, to an expectant woman and partner, to parents of a beautiful baby.  It’s not meant to be difficult.  Leave it to us and you’ll feel completely supported, cared for and informed.  

  • Everything in the Glowing Pregnancy package, plus
  • Everything in the Thriving Mama Postnatal package
  • You’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you.  Continuity of care is the gold standard for care, and that’s what you’ll have: the best.  You deserve it. We’re here for you.
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Membership faq

Because your experience of pregnancy, of giving birth, of having a new baby and a secure and happy family life matters.  This is a huge time of transition for you, your partner and family.  It can be stressful and fraught, or it can be calm, positive and the best time of your life!  Birth & Baby Village is a safe, welcoming place where you can be yourself, feel connected and supported by our team and the people you’ll meet here.  We’re here to guide you.  You don’t have to worry about searching high and low for information or services ; everything is here for you.  You’ll benefit financially from the packages we offer, and also save time, energy and anxiety by regularly attending your classes and sessions.  The Village will feel like your home, where you’re safe and cared for.  That’s our aim.  We’re here for you.

You may find that you learn something new by attending our course, or you can replace it with another course that suits you.

Once we receive your enquiry email we’ll be in touch straight away to help you schedule your bookings and make your payment.

your Membership Guarantee

Birth & Baby Village will provide you with all included sessions, courses and services to the best of its ability.  We’re constantly improving and refining our classes and courses so the menu of courses on offer may change from time to time.