The benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth

I wish I’d known about you when I was pregnant!

When I meet women who have a baby or children and tell them what I do, they say one of two things:

  1. I did pregnancy yoga and I had a great pregnancy and birth, OR
  2. I wish I’d known about you when I was pregnant!

Don’t wait to have a bad birth then wish you’d done something differently.  Take action NOW in your pregnancy.  

What difference will pregnancy yoga make?

Your body will feel so much more comfortable.  Why?  Because pregnancy changes the shape of your body.  Your belly grows out which stretches your skin and pulls your lower back forward.  One change in your spine causes the rest of your spine to move, and that pulls on muscles, and that causes aches and pains.  

At pregnancy yoga you’ll have time to stretch out your back and strengthen the muscles which support your spine so that it can cope with the changes.  And that means you’re more comfortable rather than dealing with an aching back.   

You’ll feel more positive about birth.  Why?  Because you’ll hear positive birth stories.  You’ll hear positive messages all through class when I remind you that your body is designed to give birth, just like every single other woman down through the ages. 

You’ll have time out for yourself and your baby.  You’re busy.  By the end of the day you don’t have a lot of energy left to focus on your pregnancy and preparing for your ideal birth.  Yoga is your time to close off the outside world and spend time relaxing with your baby.  This is important if it’s your first, second or fifth baby.  They deserve your attention.  And you deserve some calm time.  

What if you’ve never done yoga before?  It doesn’t matter, because these classes are specially designed for all levels of experience and whether you’re super stretchy or really inflexible. You won’t feel silly; you’ll feel completely comfortable among the other women of all shapes and sizes.

Birth & Baby Village has a number of Pregnancy Yoga classes every week.  Prices are affordable and the value is huge.  Why not try a class this week – don’t wait until your back’s sore or you’re not sleeping, and don’t wait until next pregnancy.  You’ll love your classes and look forward to them every week.

Want to learn more or book a class? Head over to the I’m Pregnant page to read about all our classes and workshops which will assist in preparing you and your partner for your precious baby’s birth.

Pregnant mothers doing yoga

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